Nov 2012 - Dorothy Mair's Message From America




A special message from Dorothy Mair



There it was on the television, a huge hurricane in November, centred over the whole of the Atlantic – and heading towards the eastern States, with landfall predicted at New York City.


A hurricane, over 1,000 miles wide…can you just imagine ? I had seen the results of a hurricane in my own small park in Florida, with roofs ripped off and homes destroyed, but wondered what would happen to such a huge low lying city as New York ? Like us Floridians, the only thing you can do is to prepare for the worst – buy in water and food, extra supplies, batteries for torches when the power goes out, duct tape for broken windows, sandbags to hold back the water……. and so on…….

Being in a hurricane reminds me of my own life from time to time. We all have quiet times in our lives when the eye is over us and when we have peace and contentment and praise God for these days and years. There is a calmness to life at those times.

But when that tremendous storm of life is right over your head, buffeting you with worries and fears and uncertainties for the future, what DO you do ? Are you blown away by the sheer weight and power of problems and events ? Do you flounder as the waves of fear engulf you ? It’s so easy to give up at times like that…..I know we want to do it all ourselves, but we can’t ….so hold on through the storm, ask the Lord to strengthen you and stay close to His side.

He will feel pain and anguish with you, He will cry with you, He will sit by your side through the greatest of storms and will see you through to calmer days. As Christmas approaches and we start to run around and panic, just stop what you are doing as you read this. Stop and listen for our Lord’s voice. Speak to Him and know His presence at Christmas and throughout the coming year. May your new year be blessed.


Dorothy from Fort Myers, Florida, USA.









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