Our church has, in fact, got a very significant history in that it was established by St Drostan when he landed at Aberdour shore in the 6th century A.D. St. Drostan had parted from St. Columba with a view to bringing the gospel to the north east of Scotland. Aberdour is therefore, a fountainhead for Christianity in Scotland and this above all, drives us on to proclaim God's word in this parish.


The original Aberdour church was built near the shoreline on a site whose history dates back to Celtic times. When St. Drostan died at Glen Esk his remains were conveyed back to Aberdour where they were deposited in a 'tumba lapidea' or stone coffin. Here his bones were said to work miraculous cures upon the sick and afflicted. The earliest parts of the old kirk possibly belong to the 16th century but the piscina (basin used for washing communion vessels) and a hexagonal baptismal font appear to be of an older date. The latter was brought from Chapelden, about four miles westward where there was another ancient place of worship.


This first Aberdour church was replaced in 1818 by the present building up in New Aberdour - the new planned village established by Mr William Gordon, Laird of Aberdour around 1798.


By 1884 a second building had to be erected in the parish to serve the village of Pennan. The Auchmedden Church, as it was called, was built (literally!) by the people of Pennan with assistance from the Baird estate and was established as a 'Chapel of Ease'. This building is still open for occasional services.


The Parish of Aberdour has had mixed fortunes over the years. Back in the 1950s it was linked to the nearby church at Tyrie and the minister for both charges was housed at the Tyrie Manse. In more recent times, however, Aberdour has been linked firstly with New Pitsligo in 1995 and latterly with the churches at Rosehearty and Sandhaven in 2002. It is now in a two way linkage with Rosehearty Church.


We are still going from strength to strength with very respectable attendances at Sunday worship. We are also noted for a strong community spirit, seeking as we do, to once again make the kirk the hub of parish life.