Ministers of Aberdour 1734 - 1920

1734 – THOMAS ANDERSON, born 29th Jan. 1710, son of James A., min. of
Rathen; educated at King’s College, Aberdeen;M.A. (1728); licen. by Presb. of
Deer 19th June 1733; called by the Presb. jure devoluto 23rd and ord. 24th April
1734; died 16th Nov. 1765. He marr. 28th Nov. 1734 Agnes (died 3rd May
1786) daugh. Of Alexander Auchenleck, min. of Fraserburgh, and had issue-
James, born 9th Nov. 1735, died at St. Croix, 13th Feb. 1759; Elizabeth, born
31st Dec. 1736, died 14 th Nov. 1759; Anna born 23rd Feb. 1738, died 26th
June 1755; Margaret born 12th Dec. 1739, died 3rd Nov. 1777; Mary born 19th
April 1741; Alexander, born 8th July 1742, died 22nd Jan. 1744; Samuel, born
25th Feb. 1744, died 3rd June 1745; Thomas, born 30 April 1745, died 20th
Feb. 1746; William, min. of St Fergus, born 9th Nov. 1746; Agnes born 4th April
1750 (marr. Andrew Youngson, min of this parish); Christian born 7th April
1752, died 28th Jan. 1753; Magdalen born 10th Aug. 1753, died 11th April
1766 – ANDREW YOUNGSON, born New Deer 1727; educated at King’s
College, Aberdeen; M.A. (11th March 1747); licen. by Presb. of Deer 20th Feb.
1754; ord. by Presb. of Fordyce missionary at Enzie 6th May 1761; pres. by
Alexander Gordon of Aberdour in April, and adm. Here 2nd July 1766; died
after a long and painful illness 15th June 1809. He marr. (1) 15th May 1764
Mary (died 21st May 1770) daugh. Of William Taylor, min. of New Deer, and
had issue-Christian born 17th May 1765; Alexander, W.S., born 15th April
1766, died 24 Feb. 1849; William born 1st Jan. 1768, died while a student at
Marischal College 10th March 1785; (2) 17th Feb. 1780, Agnes (died 22nd May
1825) daugh. of Thomas Anderson, min. of this parish, and had issue-James
born 4th Dec 1780, died young; Agnes Margaret born 17th Feb 1783 (marr.
Alexander Simpson, min. Strichen); Thomas, major 48th Madras Infantry, born
28th Aug. 1784, died 26th Oct. 1839; Andrew born 4th July 1786;
1810 – GEORGE GARDINER, born 16th Feb. 1782, son of Joahn G.,
Smithston, Rhynie, and Isabel Thomson; educated at Marschal College,
Aberdeen, M.A. (31 March 1801); licen. by Presb. of Kincardine O’Neil 25th
Sept. 1805; pres. by William Gordon of Aberdour Dec., 1809; ord. 20th March
1810; died unmarr. 30 Jan 1857;
1857 – JAMES WILSON, born Gamrie, 24th Sept. 1821, son of Andrew W.,
shipmaster, and Margaret West; educated King’s College, Aberdeen; M.A.
(March 1841); schoolmaster at Cairney, 1844-52; ord. to Savoch of Deer 12th
Feb 1852; trans and adm. 11th June 1857; died 3rd Aug. 1883; He marr. 13th
June 1854, Isabella (died 6th July 1895) daugh. of James Welsh, min. of New
1884 – CHARLES BIRNIE, born Boharm, 23rd May 1853, son of William B.,
farmer Belnagarrow, Boharm, and Helen Kemp; educated at Maggieknockater
and Keith Schools, and Univ. of Aberdeen; M.A. (1875), became
schoolmaster of Rayne in 1875, and Auchterless, 1878-80; licen. by Presb. of
Aberdeen May 1883; ord. 9th Jan. 1884; died at Glasgow, 10th Nov. 1919. He
marr. 26th Sept. 1877, Katherine (died 28th Dec. 1920), daugh. of Alexander
Alexander, advocate, and Procurator-Fiscal, Aberdeen, and Isabella Laurie,
and had issue-Harry Charles, D.S.O. Lieut-commander, R.N., officer on
R.M.S Mauretania, and one of the Brethren of Trinity House, London, born 1st
Oct. 1882; Alice Isabella, born 27th Sept. 1884; Walter Gregor, manager,
Siliawan rubber plantation, Lower Perak;
1920 – ALEXANDER GODSMAN CATTO, born New Pitsligo, 14th Dec. 1883,
son of John C., min. of Fintray; educated at Gordon’s College and Univ. of
Aberdeen: M.A. (1905), B.D. (1908); licen. by Presb. of Aberdeen May 1908;
assistant at St Leonard’s, Perth; ord. to Inverkeithney 4th Feb. 1910; trans.
and adm. 17th May 1920. Marr. 12th Aug. 1920, Elizabeth Kate, daugh. of
John MacLeod, and has issue-Eoin MacLeod, born 30th Sept. 1921;
Alexander Forbes, born 13th June 1923;