Our New Prayer Tree




We believe that prayer is an important element of Christian life and worship. “The Prayer Tree” is a way of saying a silent prayer to God using different coloured ribbons, each with a different meaning. Sometimes, we are not able to find the words or we would prefer anonymity but just the fact that adding to the tree is all that is needed.



Choose a piece of coloured ribbon from the basket nearby, tie it to a branch as a prayer to God. When the tree is full, ribbons will be removed and placed back in the basket for future use. One ribbon of each colour will be left on the tree to symbolise the prayers made.

LEAVES can be used for a message or a request for prayers for a specific Person, Family, Country, Disaster, Group, Organisation, pets or anything you would like.

The leaves will be taken off the tree, every 2nd Sunday and during the service when prayers are said these details will be offered.

Alternatively prayer requests can be put in an email, telephone call, or letter.