December 2014 - Bill's Christmas Message









Advent is a season which is lovely, yet strange. There are the thoughts of Christmas past: a time when we were young and vulnerable. What would happen 20, 30 years from now was not important. Parents and relatives - adults - they worried about such things. We enjoyed what was happening today and next week was seen as too far away.


Christmas present, when we are the age group that our children look to for guidance, we have the future to plan for.


And Christmas future, a time when we will not be there and we trust that things we have done will stand, will be the foundations on which our children could build.


Your church is what roots you to the Christmas past. Christmas present and Christmas future.


This is the security on which you stand, the familiar strength which we can grasp as we face change or stress. Can I encourage you to walk forward together and experience what God has for us in our new family life?


On behalf of Maureen and myself can I thank you for the year behind us and ask that the Lord would bless you in the year in front of us.


Every Blessing - Bill and Maureen.
































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