Bill's Summer Message 2015






Bill's Message for Summer


Jeremiah 6; 16 says, ' Thus says the Lord; stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths. Where the good way is and walk in it. And you shall find rest for your souls.



May and June is a lovely time, a time when all the blossoms come and the garden, which a few short weeks ago was just brown earth, is full of life and colour. 2015 has been a very busy and important year for Scotland; a time of considerable political change in our country. I wonder if the same could be true for our spiritual lives?

On Sunday 24th May we celebrated Whitsun and I suspect if you asked most people in the street what that meant they would say it's a public holiday, which of course is nice, but that is not why Whitsun is important for the church. Whitsun or Pentecost is when the Spirit of God was given to all the believers.


Could it be that we, the people of God are living in a time when God is not only changing the political landscape of Scotland but He is also changing the Spiritual as well. We do not live the spiritual life with the deliberate intention of making political changes or inducing social transformation.


The Benedictines had an enormous effect on the social and political structures of Europe but not because they were interested in changing political structures. They were interested in being obedient to God, not being politically relevant. I pray that we the church in Scotland today are the same.





















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