August 2009 Message From Rev. Allan Fawkes



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Our lives seem to be controlled by traffic lights. Even if we are pedestrians, we can’t cross the street safely without green or red men directing us.


Sometimes we wish that the rest of our lives were like that as well. How often have you said, or heard said, “Why does God allow evil?” What we really mean is “Why does God allow other people to do what I don’t want them to do, while allowing me to do what I want to do?” In other words give me a green man all the time, while allowing me to control everyone else’s green/red men.


Life isn’t like that, is it? Nor should it be, you wouldn’t want me to control your traffic lights. All of this was triggered off by an incident when my wife and I were on holiday. We stopped for a while in Hexham, and saw something we had never seen before – a pedestrian crossing with all the lights shining.



Pedestrians, and motor traffic, stopped, and allowed to go on at the same time. That’s much more like real life. God tells us what to do – the green light – and what not to do – sin, the red light. But he has given us free will. If he hadn’t I wouldn’t be writing this. We would be zombies, not free spirits. God grant that we all follow his green man, not the red one. That way lies disaster.



Allan Fawkes



















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