November 2009 Message From Rev. Allan Fawkes



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My dear friends,


I am writing this letter at the end of November – between Remembrance Sunday, when we look back, and Advent, when we look forward.


Both are important. We all need a foundation for our lives. None of us appeared from nowhere. We are all part of families and communities, which we need. At Remembrance we remember what others have done for us. The sacrifice of others enabled us to become what we are today, for good or ill.





Advent is the name that the Church, of all denominations, gives to the time leading up to Christmas – to the coming of Jesus Christ. We’re so used to it that we take it for granted. The shepherds, the angels, the Wise Men, the baby in the manger all are familiar and loved. For non-believers there are Santa Claus and all sorts of parties and family get-togethers, for good or ill. All fun, but missing the main point. Long long ago, far far away something incredible happened. God, the creator of the universe came to planet earth as a human being at the weakest point of their life. Jesus showed us how to live; Jesus offers eternal life with a loving God.


If we accept that offer and follow him that’s great; if we don’t, as far as we are concerned, he wasted his time. Christmas, the festive season, Yule are celebrations of the hope that primitive people had that the days would start getting longer, that total night wouldn’t win. Big deal! We know enough astronomy not to have any worries on that account.


God offers us more than gold, frankincense and myrrh. He offers eternal life. Go for it!



Allan Fawkes




















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