August 2010 Message From Sandy Corner




Summer holidays are at an end, harvesting is taking place throughout Buchan, garden displays have given us much pleasure and even nights seem to be drawing in.  It is strange looking at gardening catalogues in order to decide what Spring bulbs we should order!  


How have things been for all of you since the last Newsletter?  I trust that your health and financial well-being continues as best as may be and that you are looking forward to the challenges of the second half of 2010.


One of the most difficult things I find in this job is trying to keep everyone informed as to what is going on and I find that honesty and transparency works the best!  If a challenge arises, deal with it and tell people that you are dealing with it.  However, patience and determination is also needed if answers can be found to the many challenges which beset us.  We are open to new ideas and suggestions and if anyone wishes to undertake a fund-raising scheme, please, feel free to go ahead, no matter daft you think the idea is.   If anyone has ideas for future services, please pass these on to our Session Clerk.  I am only too delighted to enter into a dialogue with as many people as possible.  If we can work together to make a difference, then, let’s do it!


A new session of Buchan Presbytery begins in September and through its various committees, I will continue to press the case for this area of Buchan and a resolution of the vacancy challenges we are facing. Many thanks for everyone’s help over the last few months, the good-humoured welcome I have received both at meetings of Board/Session and at various Sunday services and trust that all of us will face, with God’s help, whatever challenges come our way in a positive and co-operative spirit.


Sandy Corner
Interim Moderator
4, Bain Road, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, AB42 5EW
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