April 2011 Message From Sandy Corner





Life is pretty amazing - here we were only a few months ago looking out the snow and bitter winds, worrying about our roofs and gutters and how to keep our pipes from freezing. And yet, in a short space of time, our gardens are now filled with the bright colours of Spring flowers, all showing off proudly in the breeze. Gardeners and farmers are busy preparing ground to take this year’s seed and we are receiving
















daily boxes of plug plants to ensure colour and variety throughout the summer. Easter is a time of renewal, a time of new life, but also one in which to take stock of our lives. Before Christ’s resurrection, the cross was known only as an instrument of horrible death, rough wood soaked with human blood. So terrible was this form of execution that the Roman Empire prohibited the crucifixion of Roman citizens. Crucifixion was only for the worst of slaves and enemies of the empire. But today, because of His resurrection, we wear a replica of the cross as a piece of jewelry, a thing of beauty, for all around the world the cross is seen as a symbol of hope, and a reminder of God’s love for us.


Before the resurrection, for most of the world, the grave was looked upon as the final chapter, the closing of a great door, the end of everything. But because of His resurrection, we can rejoice today that beyond death is where life really begins, and it will never end. That makes you wonder, doesn’t it, why we spend so much time worrying and fretting about material things? On one side of the resurrection, everything we see is temporary. Only the things we cannot see are eternal. What a difference the resurrection makes! In the hurried bustle of life, stop to smell the flowers and enjoy life around us!



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